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Implementation of Virtual Reality

Explanation about development of Virtual Reality in Indonesia is one of the most important point that’s being the most focus to be a business opportunity there. Because, there are still places where isn’t visited yet by this technology. But, this is managed with unbalance of production between hardware and software.

In real life, Virtual Reality (VR) technology has some function and able to be applied in another part like :

  1. Entertainment
  2. Health
  3. Army
  4. Transportation
  5. Technique
  6. Economy
  7. Education

Another example of use the benefit from Virtual Reality that’s done by NASA. By the end of this time, NASA and Microsoft has been developing an application that simulation for the condition of Mars in the data that’s sent by a robot Curoiosity. By Hololens simulation, researcher in NASA can feel to more about how is it in Mars like reality.

From the implementation that did of NASA and Microsoft showed if how VR wasn’t a technology for gaming or other thing to have fun. VR technology also could be applied to some industry for creating a work process for better.


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