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Digital marketing is an effort for promotion a brand with use a digital media that’s able to raise the customers on time, privacy and relevant. It also unites psychology, human, antrophology and technology factors that will be a new media with high capacity, interactive and multimedia. Result from new era is interaction between producen, marketing and customer. Marketing from digital is wider to support a company service and join of customers. There are some goodness of marketing if it’s compared with conventional, that is :

  • Customers network is wider
  • Combine of nature source can be maximize the result
  • Predict for the result and specification of customer network
  • Target of time is relative to be faster, easy and cheap.

This digital marketing is widely has also target that’s equal with conventional marketing, it’s in spite of customer buy a product which is offered directly, or change though and sale step(s) of customers for one or another brand.

While there are some steps or strategies for improving a sale promotion with digital marketing, that is :

  • Context

In this part, you will be fixed up about context that will be put for a product message or your service, it starts from set a problem until stakeholder that join later in the strategy which will be applied by digital marketing. It can be said as an important point to show off the product or service that will be told repeatly just for getting an awareness from people about it.

  • Value Exchange

Fix up for value exchange means a value or what point is given to your customer is branding the product. Vision of fix it to create a loyalty for customer so that they will be a part who couldn’t be released from success of digital marketing.

  • Objectives

Has a meaning with a goal or vision about what will be gotten by somebody who practice for digital marketing in their activity. A strategy won’t release for the vision that has been made, in spite of need a discussion that seriously about it before take an execussion. The goal is seen with take a benefit from Key Performance Indicator (KPI) include Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

  • Tactics

A lot of technique and a digital marketing things in Indonesia that’s available to make a target on digital branding. Every tactic has opportunity like to get a new customer may be best while it’s supported by spread information that be looked for search engine. While an email is one of thing that the most effective to sale more product or merit for customer who has been. There are example for tactic that could be used like SEM, SEO, marketing of social media and etc.

  • Evaluation

At the last part that’s still be discussed is an evaluation for steps which had done before, and it means will bring some new idea about strategy that will be applied for the next. Value in digital media can be done with some online tools with the result that more accurate than conventional media.

Marketing in Indonesia less must be selective with anything from people who they will be a customer and run it in spite of can be together to take a promotion with conventional media. Finally, your business will be developing continuously and sale of the product will improve fastly.


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