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Technology AR for Unique Costumer’s Experience

Development of Augmented Reality (AR) technology at this time allows to say as something that’s significant enough. Although, still rare of Indonesian people that “see” for it. Excatly, this isn’t released from how to apply that technology that’s still less. But, if we can think about it twice, device of smartphone has been running Augmented Reality’s program now. Example, there are games that use AR inside. So, does AR just just limitation to apply for the program that games basic?

Innovation AR Technology that Innovative in Life

The answer is no. AR, how it’s just being an newest innovation for them as investor for developing their business. Example, a product demonstration will be see in reality and detail. This is a excess of AR technology that can be start to applied on some platform. Concept is easy, user just choose for the some parts from real object by camera phone, then the 3D object will raise virtually in phone display.

This concept is maybe heard general, especially for them who ever tried filter fiture on an application from the smartphone. That’s concept from applicant of AR at the moment that’s popular enough, but it’s rare aware as AR technology form. It’s not confused if businessman can take a benefit from AR technology as well, business can raise up so good. Why it can happen? Because, the customer’s experience or user is an important component that can be guidance from applying this technology.

New Challenge for Business Life

User’s experience will create self description, and they will maybe more believe for the products that’s offered concretely by something on AR technology. Therefore, user can also take benefit from this technology to get direct illustration from the program that’s been running. This chance will be a good reason why applying AR technology at the moment can be applied for some business part. Augmented Reality (AR) will be the newest innovation to create an unique experience for customer. This challenge is something that must be discussed as one of many strategy on developing business.


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