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Virtual Reality Technology in Education’s Aspect

Learning media as well is known as one that’s able to result an interest and in spite of the student focus and more active in learning process. Usage of the media with the technology basic like VR and AR if use well would handle the passive character at student(s). VR technology at the moment is made as media to learn that interactive, because visualitation ability from unreal life to real life. Then it can be used as earthquake simulation, wind effect study, astronomy’s model or math for the complex.

Positive and negative impact from apply the technology VR in education’s aspect

The development of technology has shown impact that significant, while it’s from positive or negative one. These are positive impact from VR and AR technology on education’s aspect, that is :

  • Technology that uses 3D grapich, so user feels the sensation to interact with real life.
  • Help the student to visualization the learning abstract materials for easier to be understood.
  • As learning media that’s more interesting and fun.
  • Improving the student’s enthusiasm on learning process.
  • Student can explore some of the historical places that they never visit or come before.

VR technology has negative impact if it’s used over, those are :

  • Resulting for hurt the eyesight or headache if over usage
  • User will be more ofter to play with VR to loss of the time(s).
  • Bring the sensation from the virtual so the user will be bored if there’s in real life.
  • Cause distress to cybersickness, the disease that happened because too long used headgear.

Usage Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as the sophisticated technology can be made as learning media that’s interactive for student. This technology is able to improve the student’s enthusiasm because could show off the condition in reality and student will receive an information for learning process easier. Benefit of this media will excite their mindset for a problem on that process. Then, usage of VR and AR technology also has positive and negative impact in education’s aspect.

Technology will be developing continuously to follow the development of era. It’s created to help all human’s activities easier to do. A lot of technologies that’s still developing at the moment, one of them is Virtual Reality Technology. With the available of this one, of course will help us in simulation in real life or abstract as 3D aspect easier.

Virtual Reality Technology gives an inredible benefit in our life, example from military, flight, doctors, sports, etc. Then, it’s one also start developed in education’s aspect. It’s expected with this technology will be made as new innovation in learning process, and able to improve student’s effective of the entushiasm.


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