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Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You have to know if there are basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that makes your website or page, is more relevant and so it can give point + on your website, and resulting for one get the high rank on Google. But, this is a SEO’s technique that I often use to make an article or my post to high rank on Google, and don’t ever try to copy-paste from another website because it can be detected by Google as spam, and it will give a result for low rank on yours.

So, what does make the website or page can get high rank on Google? The answer for this question are :

  • Keyword Research : Look for keyword that’s been many typed by people on the search engine, and the target for it to be optimation in spite of to get high rank.
  • On Site SEO : Optimation of technique for the website to be seen is more relevant from the article’s aspect or content, and to make Google is easier for your one with the keyword that’s gotten an target.
  • Off Site SEO : Optimation of technique outside for the website use the backlink, it can supports your website position on search engine.
  • Like Post Social Media : Many that liked your article on social media as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and those give an influence for website or page that’s optimation.

Next to do the research, take an action as the steps below and those are :

  • Look for another content on Google with your topic.
  • Look again for Google in English (although your content in Indonesian)
  • Open the community website like Quora, Reddit, Kaskus and find the discuss that interest on your topic.
  • Look for the video with your topic on YouTube.
  • Write all the links that has good contents, and for the important points. Use Excel or Google Sheets.

The steps above are the strategy to maximize SEO for a website and must be applied if you wanna get attention from search engine, especially from Google. If you can’t do some of the steps above or don’t have a time for it.


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