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28 December 2017

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You have to know if there are basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that makes your website or page, is more relevant and so it can give point + on your website,

14 December 2017

Virtual Reality Technology in Education’s Aspect

Learning media as well is known as one that’s able to result an interest and in spite of the student focus and more active in learning process

13 December 2017

Technology AR for Unique Costumer’s Experience

Development of Augmented Reality (AR) technology at this time allows to say as something that’s significant enough. Although, still rare of Indonesian people that “see” for it.

29 November 2017

Online Business with Virtual Reality Technology

Do a business without any innovation is something that has to avoid. The development way at the moment is too fast. It’s like a nature adaptation, who can do it, they will be there

23 November 2017


Digital marketing is an effort for promotion a brand with use a digital media that’s able to raise the customers on time, privacy and relevant.

20 November 2017

(AR) & Some Opportunity

Development of technology at this time is too fast. We maybe have known with Virtual Reality (VR) technology and Augmented Reality (AR).Virtual Reality may has imagined directly