Product Otret

Malioboro Street

Market Place to support micro, small, and medium enterprises that involve related social elements in Malioboro sector to develop larger online market and reach wider selling range.



Software created specifically to manage a gym or fitness center. It's main purpose is to help the administrator in managing their member, finance, schedule, and so on.

Online Payment make it easier for user to perform daily transactions like mobile balance, game voucher, electricity token, and also paying monthly bills.



An advantageous mobile application for both small and large companies for tracking the performance and location of their sales marketing that works in the field.


O School

Information System for Student's parents or representative where they can monitor their kids' activity at school such as presence, location tracking, score, and so on.



Java Traveller Card is a card that give a lot of benefits for every travelers in Java Traveler Card outlet network to support their travel across Java island's tourism places.


Ar & Vr Property

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality to replace the conventional mock-up with the more realistic, effective and interactive virtual one to present building construction in detailed 3D interior & exterior.


Ar & Vr Business

Digital name card or some other printed 2D products combined with interactive 3D content, video or presentation to simplify the process of delivering information in an entertaining way.